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Many applications are free of cost. Android, iOS, Windows and any other operating system have developed apps for them, which are free. There are so many developers which provide the paid applications and you are not allowed to install and use that app without paying money. Google play store and Apple store, both have their own payment systems which ensure that right amount reaches to the developer. This is one of the major income sources of the IT companies. Some apps use onetime payment option while others use annual or monthly subscription service.

lucky patcher ios

However, most of the apps being free, generate zero revenue. It is practically absurd to work and deploy apps which won’t turn out to be productive. Hence most of the apps and games, use ads in the app. These pay per view advertises are the main source of income for the freeware apps. There are promotions, video ads, shootouts and more types of advertising. If not designed properly, these ads turn out to be a real nuisance and annoying as they pop up in the gameplay. They disturb the flow and fun of the application. Hence there is a great solution to this problem. Along with Android, now you have Lucky Patcher iOS, ready to take care of this issue.

Lucky Patcher App Features:

To handle the ads and their annoyance, the Lucky Patcher app has been launched. Along with that Lucky Patcher comes with more features to enhance your experience. Some of the main features of Lucky Patcher are;

  • To handle the ads by modifying and blocking the ads on app or game.
  • Lucky Patcher can uninstall the applications which are actually protected by the system. Lucky Patcher iOS is often used to remove the iOS bloatware.
  • The app permissions are to be granted, in order to install and use the application. These permissions are sometimes preposterous. You can use Lucky Patcher to remove the unwanted permissions.
  • One of the major hacks of the Lucky Patcher is to remove the licensed verification of the premium apps and purchase of paid apps.

How to Download Lucky Patcher iOS App:

Lucky Patcher app was designed for the Android operating system. It is available to install on Google play store. Other than that, there are some sites providing the Lucky Patcher APK for download. There is no ban on this app yet, though the legality of the Lucky Patcher is often doubted. But you can install and use the Lucky Patcher APK on android easily. But unfortunately, there is no version of Lucky Patcher for iOS. You can’t find a Lucky Patcher iOS version on the Apple store and they didn’t plan to release it. However, there was a technique to install and use Lucky Patcher on iOS, developed by some unknown developers. Find out how..

  • There is an app called iPadian on the App store, which needs to be installed on your iOS device like any third party app.
  • Launch this iPadian app on the device.
  • Let it run in the background and search for Lucky Patcher on your App store.
  • Look for the Lucky Patcher icon and find out whether the app is available on the iPadian app.
  • You will find the install button on the app. Click it to download and install the app on your device.


Lucky Patcher app does not work according to the norms and rules designed to safeguard the privacy and fraud use of the application. Hence, cautious use of the Lucky Patcher app is advised.

Lucky Patcher iOS – Download App for iPhone, iPad
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